Cherokee Cultural Society
of Houston

19414 E. Hwy 6
Alvin, Texas 77511

Board Members;
President - Annette Elkins Brown - 281-331-9788
Vice President - Open Position
Treasurer - Larry Rosenberger
Secretary - Donna Miller
Programs - Kriss Shellenberg
Mem. at Large - Cynthia Crossley
Mem. at Large - Barbara Binning

Name; ___________________________________
Mailing Address;

Phone; Day ________________ Evening ___________________

Email Address; ____________________________________________
Website; _________________________________________________

Are you a registered citizen of a federally recognized Native American Indian Tribe? YES / NO
Which tribe and where is the headquarters?
Do you speak a Native American language? YES / NO
If yes, which language? ___________________________________

Which volunteer opportunities do you prefer?
____ Telephone Committee, notify people by phone of meetings.
____ Membership Committee, to help recruit new members and contact existing members for renewal.
____ Publicity assistance, to help with public service announcements, press releases, etc.
____ Special event planning, coordinating with other volunteers.
____ Program planning, to locate meeting speakers, presenters, meeting sites.
____ Fundraising, to identify new funding sources, write grant applications, etc.
____ Presenter/Speaker at CCS meeting, to demonstrate special skills, knowledge of Native or Cherokee interest.

Office use only;
Dues paid – Yes / No Family/Individual Membership ($35.00 / $25.00 x _____ = _____)
Date _____________ Check # ________ Amount Paid ________ Initials __________


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