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Board Minutes For April 11, 2007

In Attendance;
Kristen Taylor – Melton
Scott McAlister
Annette Brown
Larry Rosenberger

Kristen Shellenberg
Lem Guthery
Scott McAlister
Donna Miller
Guest – Sarah Tucker


Old Business;
Minutes read and approved.
No financial records available for Treasury report at this time.

New Business;
WIIFM (what’s in it for me) Syndrome – How can we dispose of this?

Promote Volunteerism and value on website
Non – profit power tool workshops
Chamber of Commerce
Set goals for 3 years and review goals
Focus on all Cherokee Bands, not just Cherokee Nation

Dedication and purpose of CCS and possible changes in board members
Split Secretary and Treasurer Positions
Focus on people outside the group
New board members with cards;
4 of 7 boards members must be carded – Scott, Donna and Kristen’ families are carded

Pow Wow

Good Things;
Time of year
Vendor turnout
Gourd Dancers
T-shirt sells
Head Lady
Start planning earlier
More volunteers
More stuff for kids
CCS booth position
Cherokee Nation involvement
More high profile figures
More publicity
Better Banners
Generic items to sale
Tape off areas sooner
More money

Annette will send letters and certificate to participants and volunteers
Caddoan Mounds Caravan – May 27, 2007
Tiah Piah Annual Pow-Wow – April 20 and 21 st 2007
Kristen volunteered to work all weekend
Donna – Friday and Saturday evening
Lem – Saturday
Red Nations Remembering is scheduled for Nov. 3. 2007
Scott will chair Red Nations Remembering Committee, with Larry, Donna and Annette as RNR committee members.
Medicine Wheel Renewal is scheduled for June 23, 2007 – Annette will get with Steve about the date.
Newsletter – Kristen volunteered to do the last one with Donna. Donna will take over when Kristen leaves for Oklahoma.
Change of poster prices to $5.00 instead of $10.00 was agreed on by the board.
Bank situation – still no access to account – Legal action or Wade McAlister contacts?
Both were decided upon.
It was agreed by the board to open a new account – The question was raised about original CCS paperwork to be able to open a new account. – Scott will check what he has from IRS
It was agreed that the 3 rd Thursday of the month shall be the regular meeting for the board.
Donna was voted in as a new board member.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

Everyone please add Donna to your email lists -

Next Meeting;
Next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2007 at IHOP at 7:00pm


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