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Board Minutes For February 9, 2007

In Attendance;
Kristen Taylor – Melton
Annette Brown
Jimmy Melton

Kristen Shellenberg
Lem Guthery
Larry Rosenberger


Old Business;
Minutes read and approved.
Classes are still on;
Genealogy Class - Feb. 17, 2007 Bayland Community Center - Lem and Marjorie
Dream Catcher Class - Has been canceled due to lack of time for Annette.
Annette now has the checkbook. We are still waiting for bank paperwork to go through for Annette to be a signer.
We now have our tax id # on hand for future use.

Current Business;
Kristen spoke with The Houston Museum of Fine Arts. They will provide us with space for our classes. They will provide
this to us without a charge.
The new website is currently on Annette's web space for now. It can be changed at a later date when necessary.
Artist - A vote was taken to pay the artist half down as required. Everyone agreed.
ACC - a vote was held to pay Alvin Community College half down - Everyone agreed.
Kristen brought a sample postcard for us to view. These would make nice announcement cards for our mailing list.
The board voted unanimously to change the membership due amount. It was voted the new membership dues are $25.00
for individuals and $35.00 for family membership. This will be retro back to Nov. 1, 2006.
Memberships will be ajusted accordingly.
Lem also mentioned we need to start planning our Red Nation Remember event.
Meeting adjorned at 8:40pm

General Membership Meeting March 1, 2007. This meeting eill take place at IHOP at 6508 Washington Ave. in Houston

Next Meeting;
Next meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2007 at Alvin Community College
This meeting will be to discuss craft classes and our Pow Wow.


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